Located in our original buildings since 1978,Equipement L.A.V has been know to make great progress and this,at its customer's rate.

At its the beginning,the company was founded by a man of character,dynamics and knowledge;Gérard Allard.This man had solid based convictions that the sale and rental of equipment and tools would appeal to contractors in the Québec city region.He also created a great market opening in the first 20 years.

To offer the best service,the company had to adapt itself;become owner of buildings,on several occasions enlarge their premises,develop a maintenance service center for machinery,and,bring all the employes to think service first and always go up front,towards the best service possible for the contractor

Service,the cornerstone of the success of Equipement L.A.V is always maintained,always 100% active.This approach instigated by its founder is persued and also pushed to higher standards by the current president Andre Allard.